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Is there a major tendency to be allergic to spruce supplements?2019-06-19T10:18:58-05:00

Allergy is possible to spruce or pine supplements but rare. Be aware of this. If you have a reaction, you can counteract this with oil of wild oregano

What is spruce good for in human health?2019-06-19T10:19:18-05:00

Spruce resin concentrates are ideal for supporting revitalization of the body and for the following: insomnia, skin health needs, digestive support, and improved energy and strength.

What is the difference between pine resin extracts and spruce resin extracts?2019-06-19T10:19:36-05:00

Spruce is a universal natural medicine and is the number one choice in all tree resin supplements. Pine supports a healthy digestive response and healthy elimination as well as a healthy response against inflammation, also to support the health of the lower bowel for hemorrhoid support

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Duis et augue odio. Aenean vitae nulla id lacus dapibus vulputate et ut diam. Maecenas efficitur eros eget odio dignissim placerat sed vitae ipsum. Praesent viverra euismod cursus. Sed vel nunc et sem porttitor sollicitudin vel a neque. Donec sed felis id ipsum aliquam volutpat eu sed massa.

Is there a supplement that can help with getting pregnant?2019-01-15T15:13:47-06:00

Best supplements for assisting fertility is royal jelly, combined with sage and rosemary (Royal Power) as well as whole food multiple nutrient packs (Purely Pak), Oreganol P73 assists by cleaning out fungus. Another option is natural kelp and fenugreek, found in Actifem.

Is Oreganol toxic for kidneys or liver?2019-01-15T15:30:40-06:00

It is difficult to take too much oregano, but each person needs to take to their tolerance.

I’m on a tight budget, which supplements could I take that would benefit the most?2019-01-15T15:31:47-06:00

Minimal supplements to take is Oreganol p73, Black seed oil and Chaga.

Can I rub oregano oil on my infant?2019-01-15T15:43:40-06:00

Yes, Oreganol p73 can be rubbed on infants and newborns. Use a small amount on feet, shins, up and down the spine, and chest as needed. Its harmless.

Which supplements are a must for young children?2019-01-15T15:44:13-06:00

Developing children need b complex (Purely B) , vitamin C (Purely C), and vitamins A & D

Are vaccines harmful and if so, why?2019-01-15T16:05:59-06:00

Yes, because they introduce noxious pathogens and cause a suppression of the immune system. It is much better to fight any minor illness through a naturally empowered immunity. Power up your immunity with wild oregano oil p73 capsules, juice of oregano, vitamin C (Purely C), whole food multiple nutrient packs (Purely Paks), vitamins A, D and C, and b complex (Purely B) daily.

What is candida? What is the best supplement for candida?2019-01-15T16:06:53-06:00

Candida is invasive yeast that damages the mucous membranes and can invade internal organs. Best protocol is Oreganol oil P-73 combined with Oregabiotic, and Healthbac.

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