Wild raspberry root extract

Intestinal & digestive support

Wild Electrons & Photons

Net Wt. 2 FL OZ. (60 ML)


IntestiMax supports the health of the entire digestive tract through the powers of wild, raw raspberry root.* Never available before, it is rich in tannic and ellagic acid this root extract is a super tonic, ideal for support health.* Take it also to support the hormone system.* It’s a rare formula—raw, wild, and remotely harvested. Roots concentrate all nutrients. Take this raspberry root extract for your better health.*

Directions: Take at least a dropperful daily.

Ingredients: Wild, raw raspberry root extract, Apple cider vinegar, Wild, organic oregano oil, Clove bud oil, Cinnamon oil

Net Wt. 2 FL OZ. (60 ML)


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