Pine Needle Tea Bags


Purely Wild Pine Needle Tea is delicious, and soothing.  It is picked fresh and raw and freeze dried at the source. Raw red and white pine needles are high in vitamin C, and serve as a natural detox and immune support.


Raw PineNeedle Tea is the power of wild northern American and Canadian white and red pine needles
(the latter being highest in shikimic acid) harvested from far northern regions. The red and white pines have long been utilized as a natural medicine for a variety of heath benefits with its wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as well as germ-killing terpenes.* It is best known as a natural vitamin C infusion, significant in the tea made from the fresh shoots with a content five times higher than lemons. Top components include a wide range of terpenes, including alpha-pinene, D-limonone, Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP), shikimic acid, and germacrene plus dozens of others. BCP is also known to help with mental clarity and to fight depression.* The vitamin A content is also high, good for eyesight, lung health, and immunity as well as red cell production.* The terpenes are highly cleansing to the body, especially BCP, which acts in the detoxification of the brain and nervous system.* The terpenes also aid the body in the cleansing of poisonous compounds such as man-made fat soluble chemicals. In particular, shikimic acid has been shown to be a potent antiseptic agent, especially against bacteria.* As
well, Taoist priest drank the tea as a regular infusion, believing it made them live longer, increasing their stamina. Pleasant to taste, the tea is an invigorating agent, with the positive results as people experience when walking through a pine forest. Use it as an uplifting tea or as a cold infusion beverage. Drink it as a digestive aid.* Gain these benefits through Raw PineNeedle Tea, always wild, 100% from northern Canadian and American forests.


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