Purely Wild Purely Orega, Mycellized Oregano Oil with Spruce and Pine Resin  is a great blessing for the entire human race. The Oregano plant and concentrated tree oils  influence a plethora of functions offering wide-ranging benefits, acting vigorously on the entire body and all its organs. It is one of the most novel natural supplements available.

Wild oregano is a source of calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, magnesium, and boron. It also contains considerable amounts of manganese and silicon. Furthermore, it is relatively dense in thiamine and niacin. As well, it is  a good source of vitamin K, containing as much as 33% of the RDA in a tablespoon. Plus, it is an excellent source of the flavonoid quercitin.

This concentrated oregano oil is in the most unaltered form possible. The way it is meant to be.  More importantly than the content of any single active ingredient, is how it is produced and where it grows. Decades ago, Dr Ingram found that the finest Oregano Oil arises from the heart of the Middle East. That is where Purely Wild Purely Orega, Mycellized Oregano Oil is sourced.

Dr Ingram formulated the Oregano Oil with Wild Hand-Picked Spruce and Pine Resin. Why? To aid in lung and immune support.

Get your Purely Wild Purely Orega, Mycellized Oregano Oil with Pine and Spruce Resin today.