SpruceAlive 1oz


High-powered, raw spruce resin extract

1 fl oz.


There is nothing in this world like SpruceAlive. It is the living, vital power of full spectrum spruce resin extract. It’s the whole resin plus the gum, all in the most unprocessed state possible, 100%. This means all the essential oils and other biologically active compounds, such as the terpenes and enzymes, are fully intact. Plus, its ethically picked and processed, carefully removed by hand from trees in the far northern wilderness.

This is why it has so much power, to vitalize all the tissues in the body, to support the health of all cells through the wild, raw powers of unaltered nature. Use SpruceAlive to give yourself the greatest degree of vital force possible: on a daily basis, all on order to super-charge your internal forces.

Spruce resin is produced by wild spruce trees in order to heal them when subjected to trauma and injury. Humans can benefit from this healing power through internal consumption. SpruceAlive is the original and only entirely edible, whole food and raw spruce resin extract available. It will help you support your natural internal cleansing response, especially for the skin and urinary tract. Yet, it is also highly cleansing for the digestive tract and all other internal tissues.

One great power with SpruceAlive relates to its regenerative powers. Studies show that it has the capacity to cause tissue regeneration, especially with the skin and epithelial tissues. Taken as drops under the tongue or applied topically it can aid in supporting a healthy tissue regeneration and wound healing response.

Take it to increase the strength needed for daily work. It, incredibly, also supports a healthy sleep response. Moreover, when taken at night, it creates such a healthy rest  response that, typically, there is a natural force that causes the person to arise earlier than normal, filled with strength, energy, and vital force. Its the power of wild, raw terpenes and spruce aromatic compounds, rich in naturally bound oxygen. Take SpruceAlive to fill more robustly alive, in all ways possible, every day.

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Net Wt: 1 fl. oz


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