UltraAlive Oil 2oz


Black Seed Oil/Pine Pollen Infusion with resin extract

Hormonal & Strength Support

15,000 mg pine pollen per bottle

Net Wt. 2 FL OZ. (60 ML)


Wild, raw UltraAlive is the power of wild Mediterranean pine pollen enhanced with pine resin, it is the most potent natural strength and steroid source known. UltraAlive is the only crude unprocessed pine pollen formula available. Use UltraAlive to support the whole body hormonal response. Ideal for men and women, especially after 50. Take it for supporting a healthy prostate response and whenever you need a boost and especially for athletic activity and exercise.*

Non-GMO, chemical-free.

Directions: Take at least one dropperful daily. Add to food or juices. Shake well before using.

Ingredients: Wild Mediterranean pine pollen, Wild Mediterranean pine resin, Micellized black seed oil, Micellized cinnamon oil.

Net Wt. 2 FL OZ. (60 ML)

Note: The drops are the only form of raw pollen currently available. Possible powder and capsules in the future.

Expiry Date: 11/31/2023


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