UltraAlive Powder


Mediterranean Pine Pollen

Hormonal & Strength Support

Wild & Raw Crude Grind

Net Wt. 2 FL OZ. (60 ML)

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Wild, raw UltraAlive pine pollen is the only whole food supplement available containing the aromatic sac and seed. The outer coating, which is usually discarded, is rich in aromatic oils. This complex with the pollen keeps it fresh and free of oxidation. UltraAlive is highly medicinal and is superior to the Chinese type. The pollen, 100% raw, is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and natural hormones, including testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, and androsterone. Use it to support a health strength response, natural energy, and for men a healthy prostate function.* It’s excellent for men and women alike. Take it also whenever you need a boost and especially for athletic activity and exercise.*


Directions: Take at least one tsp. daily in smoothies or juices. Use as a powder over cereal. Add to baking as a fortifier.

Ingredients: Wild Mediterranean pine pollen.

Net Wt. 4.5 OZ. (130 grams)


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